THe Process

For the gentleman who truly cares about how he's viewed, Evan DeLaney is a vital resource. Each garment embodies who you are; unique and distinguished. Truly, a work of art. Unlike department store styles, or self-proclaimed custom-made products, Evan’s clothing is handmade by artisans one garment at a time.

Evan works strictly by appointment within your home or office. He takes the time to get to know you on a personal level. He inquires about your social circles, the type of car you drive, even the places you love to travel and visit. Evan takes this crucial step in order to design your clothing in harmony with who you are. 

After getting to know you, Evan presents you with a dialed-in selection of fabrics. He follows this with nearly 30 measurements and a posture analysis. Evan captures every nuance to ensure a complete, elegant, tailored fit.

Once measurements are taken and designs are finalized, Evan will return to you in 30-days for your first try-on session. After he makes any necessary adjustments, he'll ask your permission to complete the garment. One month later is the final fitting and garment delivery. Evan keeps a paper pattern of all client measurements, creating a near-perfect fit for future orders. 

Contact Evan today to wear something unique tomorrow.